Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fellow Workers... United in Wisconsin, Divided in Confusion

I would like to give this space to public comments, with the understanding that any and all subject-matter appropriate posts will be used to educate and enlighten. Comments will be moderated for trolling, but will be posted unabridged after review. All you need is a google-linked account to post your story. You are not required to follow this blog; and you can remain anonymous, like so many wise and helpful educators have chosen to remain throughout history.

As protests continue in Wisconsin and throughout the country, education and direct information about unions and workers rights does not appear to have increased with the topic's publicity. There seems to be little knowledge available about what, exactly, it is that unions do for their members and how the actions of these groups affect the overall economy and public.

Union members may not even know what their unions can do for them and how the actions of these groups affect the stability of the job market and working conditions of private workers as well.

I ask that union members share their stories about what their union has done to ensure fairness and stability in their workplace or career. How has this impacted your family? How might have your life or the lives of your family members have been negatively impacted if your union had not stepped in to enforce your rights on your behalf?

Please feel welcome to educate visitors to this site in as verbose and/or lengthy a manner as is necessary to tell your tale.

Thank you, in advance.